Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

House Sitting

House sitting will mean that the pet sitter will stay in your house while you're away, looking after your pets, watering your plants and picking up your post.  As well as your pets being cared for in their own environment, you will also have the peace of mind that your home will be secure in your absence. The price you are given will include dog walking, feeding and clearing up after all the pets in your household.

 Service:                 Price:
 House sitting (price charged per 24hours) £30*

* Prices are subject to change, and dependent on the level of care required within each household.

Dog Walking

Dog walking based on Monday to Friday walks. If you choose to have your dog walked Monday through to Friday we will aim to keep your dogs walking time the same each day. Prices are charged per walk, you are not charged for travel time.


 Service:  Price:
 Individual walk, no other dogs from other households  16
 Individual walk, per dog from same household  10
 Weekend/bank holiday surcharge (per walk not per dog)  2
 Group walk, dogs from different households walked together  10
 Weekend/bank holiday surcharge (per household not per dog)  2


Dog Visit

if you're out for most the day and don't want your dog walked but would like us to go check on them, give them attention, clean up after them and feed them then our dog visiting is an ideal solution. however, it is not an option for owners who are away on holiday.

 Service:                                                                                  Price
 Dog visit, per 30mins 7

Cat Visiting

We will come and visit your cats while you are on holiday, prices are based on number of visits and number of cats living in your household. Visit includes feeding your cats, cleaning the litter trays and general care.

  Service:  Price
Visit cats (Single visit per day) based on 1-3 cats  7.50
  Visit cats single visit per extra cat  2

Small Animal Visiting

if you don't want to disrupt your small pets life you can let them stay at home while you go away, while having your house visited in your absence. Includes regular cage cleaning and daily water change and feeding.

 Service: Price:
 Visit small animal  £7
 Visit small animal morning and evening £11

Pet Taxi

if you need assistance taking your dog to the vet or groomers, then our pet taxi service is ideal. You're more than welcome to come along, or you can leave your pet in our capable hands.

 Service: Price:
 Pet Taxi                                                                                      £15 + 40p per mile

Dog Bath

If you wouild like your dog bathed we can offer this service, this is mainly aimed at owners who have recieved the house sitting service, rather than dog walking. The bathing service is currently only available in owners homes. Malaseb baths are covered in the prices given.

 Service:                                                           Price:
 Small short haired dog £5
 Small long haired dog £6
 Medium short haired dog £8
 Medium long haired dog £9
 Large short haired dog £10
 Large long haired dog £11
 Giant short haired dog  £12
 Giant long haired dog £14

Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is available for no extra charge for any home visit service. Should be requested during booking.


We will administer your pets medication while you are away, tablets and creams will be administered at no extra charge. However, diabetic injections will be charged.

 Service:               Price:
 Diabetic injection per day £2